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Saturday, December 27, 2008
Boca 'Grande'

You can bring the Gods to the table. Tonight, you can serve me the best food and wine. The world could be at my beck and call. Serving my every whim and fancy. I like white tulips more, not roses. I want two candles for my table, not just one. I need new silverware and shiny glasses. Why is the chef not wearing his hat? I need brightness around me and my favourite music blaring through the stereos. My choice of desserts and the most pricey, elaborate meal. But when you do give me these and more, serve it to me and a few others. Serve them well too. They are the seasoning, the spice, the yummy chocolate, the toppings, the cherry on the cake without which it lacks colour, taste and spirit.


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Friday, December 05, 2008
To you, with thanks. :)

This is for someone I know. For someone I’ve bugged incessantly for the past few weeks. Someone who has inspired more posts in here than anyone else. It is for someone who has shown me that age is just a number and maturity is when you learn to handle people like me and their requests in a way that is not patronizing, condescending, ridiculing or defensive. It is when you know that the person at the other end is sensible enough to know and realize – even though it doesn’t seem all that obvious at the moment. This is for someone who knew this. This is for someone who knew that I’d realize it is time to move on – realize it on my own – and humoured me till I reached there. I realize now. Thank you.

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