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Saturday, October 11, 2008

People are weird. I think the last three months have reinforced that belief many times over. People who interact with me know that I do not attribute the common meaning to such words. Weird. For me, it is neither good nor bad. Neutral. So why then such a word? What is language if it cannot capture the different twists and turns of the human emotion? If I can have mood swings, I'd say that the words are entitled to those as well. And how they manifest themselves is in their human realm. Our perceptions grant them their right. I have come to realise today that fairness is another one of those words that has mood swings much too often. Fairness is defined by our line of sight. The scope of light that we allow to be shed on situations and circumstances. On people and behaviour. The light never falls on the actions of others but is generously bestowed on one's own. What I do is right and by virtue of the absence of the light on your actions I shall deem it wrong and inappropriate. I perceive things in their entirety. I perceive the truth. Strings of bias and prejudice are never attached to incidents. And yet, the scope of light is still limited to one step forward. Two feet and darkness envelopes the space.

It is cryptic and mysterious. This weirdness. How definitions of my rights can never be extrapolated to include you. The weirdness that allows me to choose my conversations and your choice to be clouded in betrayal and apathy. The weirdness that makes me hide you from the world yet disclose you through these words. The weirdness that makes me use 'me' instead of 'you'.

Whee. How was the ride down?


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Sunday, October 05, 2008
A poem and excuses for bleh formatting.

So so. The blog is showing signs of life! :D

This is, in true IIMB parlance, an arbit poem that happened just 5 minutes ago. Now that I am really trying hard to get my blog running, all desperate attempts at attention seeking will be seen here. Kindly excuse the icky formatting that's been happening on my blog these days. Either blogger is adamant at sticking to the fonts and font sizes of the word doc I copy stuff from, or it just forgets to give my font options(which is my excuse for today's blog by the way).

Anyhow, I would like to thank (guess away) for the inspiration for this poem, though not quite explicitly. It is much appreciated nonetheless ;)

In this moonlight
I stand, contemplating,
is this how it is supposed to feel
or am I trapped in an illusion?
When the world turned to the right,
is it truly right for me?
Will I be following the world
if I follow the beats of my heart?
Self doubt erodes self esteem
and I wonder if it is too soon
to put up my neon sign?
As the moon gives way to the rightful owner of the sky,
I dread the fact that it is a leap year,
Or, undoubtedly I wonder, is it a good excuse instead?


Whee. How was the ride down?


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