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Thursday, January 28, 2010
My first book is here! :D

My first book is out. A collection of 33 poems - Breeding Lucidity. In Vivo. In Vitro.

For all those who want a copy, you can contact

SIP IIMB Campus Bookstore
Indian Institute of Management
Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore - 560 076
Phone: 080 2699 3240

Here's a sneak preview...

In the woods of solitude
every bird owns a melancholic tune,
variegated patterns in the shedding of leaves
like strong words flowing in powerful rhythms
falling from the heavens,
the scent in the air manipulating comprehension,
the rising sun, the dawn of meanings,
the ground trodden changes the context,
branches stoop down and shake in disharmony,
flowers opening up to an embrace,
each element dies and survives,
the cycle completed over and over again,
a new facade of beautiful chaos.
Until the music stops.

..V :)

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Sunday, January 03, 2010
I survived New Year's Eve!

So New Year is here. I guess that warrants a new post. First up, wish you all a Happy New Year!

My New Year started with some really lousy music. Coming to think of it, I should have just got back to my room and played my favourites all night long. But oh well, I guess I could never play anything that loud - so I stuck around. I was rewarded for my perseverance. A reward that lasted a whole 2:01 minutes - Blur's Song 2! And thankfully, the self-proclaimed DJ did not change the song till it ended.

I love music. But, I do not claim to know much of the nuances of the same. I do not know how to sing. The best advice I've ever received in my life has been from a good friend who first asked me "Was it you who was singing?" I replied yes and pat came his advice "Please don't." And I've since then graciously accepted my lack of talent on that front. Well, everyone can't be good at everything now, can they? I cannot play any instrument either. For that, I think I can be blamed a tad bit - but not a whole lot. I did get my hands on a guitar and never capitalized on that opportunity. I would love to be able to play the bass guitar or the drums some time. But, oh well, I doubt if that will ever happen. I think I ran out on my quota of perseverance - I wasted it all on the DJ on New Year's eve!

Also, I cannot dance. Yes. Yes. Now where's the talent you ask? A croaky voice, clumsy fingers and two left feet! The talent, or rather common sense, lies in my knowing that you cannot play the first 45 seconds of Eminem's 8 Mile followed by 35 seconds of a Bhangra number. The flow is that simple. By the time you get hold of the beat of a rap song (again, how dance-able Indian students find it to be is debatable) you've a quintessential Bollywood song blaring out of the stereos! Seriously dude? Not to mention the many songs that are a good listen but definitely not dance numbers.

But I guess, everyone humoured him. For once, no one heard the chant "Ek do teen chaar, bandh karo yeh atyachaar". I guess it was the New Year's Eve effect. Either that, or people were just high on spirit and spirits.

One friendly advice for the next one - Please don't.

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