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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Profiles of the Past

Yesterday I looked at my blogger profile page and realised that I had written it such a long long time ago! One can always talk about the innocence of earlier times and such. I'd like to believe that I have adamantly held onto a larger chunk of innocence than is generally attributed to the latter half of the 20s. But yes, the years alone on the page reminded me of all the memories that have filled up to give the semblance of passing time. I remember being a very avid blogger during my undergraduate days. I also went through an obsessive phase of changing my blog names/addresses. It is a pity though that one fine day I just decided to delete the blog. There was no compelling reason to do so really. Just that I did not want my writing to be out there if I wasn't going to be bothered to update my blog. If I wasn't coming back, then the world should forget all about me. Weird. At least, I think that was the logic. If not me, at least forget my writing. Now I regret not having those posts to help me relive a few memories and more so help me trace my growth as a writer. I was just kidding myself back then when I thought I could stay away from the written word. Pfft. Just to assuage that guilt of mine, I am going to keep the profile page as is. The added bonus, of course, would be that, on this page I'll always be a 23 year old trying to perfect her evil laugh. But looking past that desperate attempt to hold on to things from the past, I think keeping it intact would remind me of the length of time and space for which writing has been a part of my life. A silent companion that calmly recorded my life and thoughts so that they'd be loud and clear for a long time to come.
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