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Monday, July 18, 2011
"Nature is the Law"

He gazed out of his window not knowing what would catch his attention. He was looking for something that would distract him just enough. The books did not interest him today. Television has been quite ineffective at taking his mind off things for a while now. A conversation was definitely not an option. He was too restless to hold someone’s interest for that long, and neither was he ready to give his senses the task of keeping up with an overenthusiastic conversationalist. So it had to be nature who had to take up the responsibility of keeping him occupied. The trees looked particularly green today. The incessant bout of showers had worked its magic. He took off his glasses and wiped it lest a blotch on it would prevent him from enjoying this heavenly clarity. He wished there would be a major downpour so that he could clear his vision of his life. Maybe it will tell him that there was nothing wrong with it in the first place, but a decision on the matter would be reassuring. Then he realised that the trees were not doing their jobs right. He shifted his gaze to the lonely goal post at the corner of the field. The lonely frame was giving in to rust at the edges near the ground. Was it trying to camouflage and feel like a part of the dirt? The rest was painted bright white. From this distance, it seemed as though it served no purpose other than frame a part of the hedge in the background. If the net was attached, it was almost invisible. He realised how he tried his best to filter out so many emotions but in the end the filter was no better than the net. The big holes made sure that most emotions just slipped through. By preventing the attack on one side of the net, he had, at times, let genuine emotions slip through at the other side. Unfortunately, there is no audience or referee to keep count of this barrage, other than him. These unregistered strikes were as good as unsuccessful ones. He wondered how he had focussed on what he thought was important and let go of so many others. He shook off this feeling of dejection and failure again. As his anger against nature started brewing inside him, he looked out once again. This time he saw a girl walking around the ground. She traced the same path and went around the ground, again and again. He continued watching her for a little longer. It began to drizzle. The rain clouds had gathered around while she was on her first round. Now well into her second round, she looked at her watch, quickly took a peek at the clouds above and continued walking. The same path. The same pace. If she had a fixed number of rounds to complete, she definitely did not seem to be in a hurry to do so. The drizzle was persistent, but she did not seem to care. Every now and then she would look at her watch and carry on. After a while, the rain clouds gave in and moved on. Least bothered by this new development, she continued on her path and finally after five rounds, took another path leading her out of the ground. As he watched this, given his state of mind, he could not but wonder if the clouds had gone to gather more water. Even at his cynical best, he could not however ignore the subtle hints. Maybe, nay, definitely another rainy day awaits her. But during each of those she will realise that each circle around the seemingly inescapable path is just a search for the way out. And time leads the way with the assurance that the opening will make itself known.

PS: The title is the name of the song by Richard Ashcroft
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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Everything is so ephemeral. In the large scheme of things, hours and days look so short. Emotions change. Impressions undergo an overhaul. And there are no apparent reasons. There are no turning points. Things just undergo slight changes each second of every hour. We all talk about things that stand the test of time. Nothing stands the test of time. Everyone and everything changes. The continued existence of the bond just depends on the complementary changes the other end also undergoes. At times, the change in one takes a longer time and by the time it does occur the first half is too far beyond recognisable. At other times changes occur but in diametrically opposite directions. Does it take conscious effort for one to align the changes? Is it possible to control these changes? But what can you do when the changes themselves are quite cunningly deceptive and stealthy? How do you keep up and keep track? When such non-eventful events take over and refuse any reason or logic, you either have the option to embrace it or to let go. The latter does not necessarily mean that one is a quitter. But that one is hopeful for a compatible change happening elsewhere.

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