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Sunday, August 10, 2008
Big Mistake.

Big Mistakes :(


Blog hopping. I've an identity crisis online. Hence, I have jumped and hopped from blogs named serious-clown and willowy-menhir to breeding-lucidity and, gah, I forget. Thankfully I did get my breeding-lucidity id back. But bleh, I miss my comments. Lol. Yup, satiate my ego and comment away. Arbit spam is welcome! :)


Not making an effort to write anyhow. I have been busy half the time and lazy, well, most of the time. Before all you math freaks hurl abuses at me, the half at the busy end would also include the times I pretended to be busy. :)

I truly intend to kick start this blog again. But, in all probability, it just won't. I am testing out pessimism since all else have failed. Writer's block is one incorrigible lazy arse. A tough habit to get rid off, really.

The options that I've at the moment are limited.

There's the easy way out. Write about what's happening in my life, quite literally. I got up. Brushed my teeth (yes, I do). Had a bath (seriously, the skunk on the loose the other day was really you! ;) ) And then, yada yada yada. Most of the yada would involve classes and midterms and assignments and *gasp* more classes and, well, you get the picture. So my life would really be entertaining to you if you were a sadist. There will certainly be an immense amount of happiness growing in you if you were reading my life story. But then, I guess I am a sadist too. So no pleasure for you! :D

Other things I could write about? Hmph. Random happenings on campus which are either bordering on funny or outright insane. Now that will be a job for me. I need to filter out all the ones which have me in the picture, even as someone in the backdrop of the alleged insanity. So maybe that will be some other post.

Anyhow anyhow. I am having fun here. Hope all of you are too; wherever you are, whatever you're up to.

Good things to come. That's all I can say. ;)


Whee. How was the ride down?
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