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Tuesday, March 18, 2014
What is and What will be.

My favourite lyricist is Richard Ashcroft. He weaves together words so beautifully. There are the cryptic and the subliminal. Then there are ones which are so poetic and simple and elegant, that you wonder how you couldn't think such a simple thought, why you couldn't string together such a matter of fact line. One of my favourites (there are too many) is this:

"The beginning of understanding is just knowing that there is no end
The door that stands before you is waiting to be your friend."

I guess this couldn't ring more true to me than in this moment when I can see a definitive end to what seemed like an era. Finally, I will be through with one of the toughest, most challenging, most rewarding, and equally frustrating part of my life. At this threshold, I can only know that there is so much more to go through. This was just such a small fraction of my life. That there is another lifetime for me to travel through. More importantly, I cannot but relate to the second line. Maybe it is the die hard Sagittarian optimism, but somehow I have never been able to not give into the insane amounts of hope that I manage to find everywhere. I whine, and boy do I!?! But irrespective of that, there is also this strong feeling that things are always for the best. Everything happens for a reason. And in the long run, one can only feel richer, happier, more content, and grateful for everything that has happened and find solace in the fact that time is never ending and there's more to come. I know that I've to open this door and get to the other side to completely finish this chapter. However, despite the monumental uncertainty that seems to be waiting for me on the other side, there is also the excitement about the unexplored, the new, and the inevitable goodness that exists in every milieu. This could all just be naivety. However, one thing that I've learnt from my time here is that it is all about perspective. It is easy to be deluded by everything happening around. Nevertheless, no one can stop you from popping on those rose coloured spectacles and enjoying life. It is that simple. I  cannot wait to meet my friend!

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posted by Ms.V @ 23:44  
  • At 16:52, Blogger mêlée said…

    true very true! We all see what we want to see, we all get what we want :)

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