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Monday, November 17, 2008
Distracted - Poem

Another poem!

This one was written in class and yes, I do listen. Psha! Hope you enjoy it.


A muffled voice breaks the silence,
Words are distorted and misconstrued,
Maybe 'happy' was the tone?
But is it just the eternal optimist on the rise?

Completion of comprehension of today is imperative,
usefulness will be determined later,
futility will probably be the final verdict,
but right now, time shall not teach.

In the balance of time tomorrow,
the debts will outweigh the memorable,
negotiations with the muffled voice begin again,
disappear, be clear, or make me impervious.

pooF. :)

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Saturday, November 15, 2008
Dream come true, finally!

Lord Praise Spam!


This mail has been identified as Suspected Spam and has been quarantined.

Sub: [ SPAM ] FW: You are nominated for mba, 11/15/08, 15:59:28"

Never thought I'd see this day. But it just came a week too late. Summer placements are done with. :(

Oh well, story of my life. ;)

But, do I still get to say my speech??? :P

pooF. :)

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Saturday, November 08, 2008


This was a word that struck me when I was sitting in my Research Methodology class. Do not challenge me to remember what the class was about. Let's just say that I did listen. But there was something nagging me. The word kept coming back to me. And all I could think of was that this mirage was different. I wasn't in a desert. I wasn't starved. In such a situation, mirage has quite a different effect. You do not really want the water, but you see this illusion being played out in front of your eyes. As every curious human being, you're drawn to it. As soon as you reach the site, you realise it was never there to begin with. You were naive enough to let the curiosity dictate your path.

This explained a lot of things. There are times when some unknown force occupies the driving seat of your life and steers you away into zones that seem real. Ever incident is so well-built to fit the mirage that bliss follows the realm of surrealism and decides to stay there. And so do you. But when that small window to reality decides to let a ray of light in, the magnificently built castles disappear into thin air. There stands your mirage - as it should be seen. An illusion. An apparition that haunted you till you reached out and tried to touch it. I suppose a plausible translation into terms relevant to our life would be the momentary lapses of judgment in our life. When we assume that the mirage belongs to us and it is one jigsaw piece needed among the many others. And when your disillusioned self mirrors the reality what you see are so many of the same jigsaw pieces already scattered around you. Maybe not the shape and size you want them to be, but life itself is never a pre-defined mould. It accommodates the long and short ends, the thin and the weird, the beautiful and the disfigured.

Maybe, one day you will fit in too. Be the most comfortable in your skin - in your mould. The mirages would lose their existence. Their entitlement to your steer.


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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
New familiar lovely faces. :D


It’s been a while since this blog has moved. So here I am, to show signs of life.

I was absolutely bored the other day and this idea struck me. It has been 3 months here in the institute and I figured why not write about some interesting people I’ve met here. This is in no particular order and if you’re missing in the list, it will most probably be because I wasn’t creative enough to come up with a smart arse way to disguise your identity. Since I have not taken permissions from the respective persons, I shall hope and pray that I don’t get sued. Maybe I will just add the disclaimer “Any resemblance to people alive or dead is purely coincidental.”

Resident Muggu Goddess – I am sure that I will be slaughtered for this, but bleh. A fellow researcher-to-be, it has been fun debating the north-south divide with the filmdom at either end as the moot point. A muggu not in the clinical sense of the term, but a fighter for sure. And yes, her kids shall be named Little Hearts and Cupcakes.

The Bindaas Ad Van – I guess this is not a very effective way at disguising, but she is the tension free lass who couldn’t care any less if the sky were falling. Her late entrances to class are hilarious and if ever there were someone on campus who never mentioned grades and RG in their conversations, it’d be her! A shortlist in hand, I wish her good luck! Ace the summers dudette!

Singaporean Damsel – Ok. I suck at the whole name thingummie. But bleh. If we are researchers-to-be, she is already one. And a darn good one at that. Someone who wishes everyone who crosses her path would just go fly kite, voila vay is the way to go! I know I spelt it wrong. But you get it! And darn you, I’m waiting eagerly for her to cash in the 25K prize money!

Mr. Scrooge – He believes he is God. Yup. If you go by the omnipresent standard you attribute to Gods, his head will be seen peeping -in in every photograph taken by the Sec B junta. For him everything has to be MAX. Max fight, max grades, max shortlists, max fun and max lol, erm, LOL MAX!

Mr.Creativity – He is the Son of an S. Now you know why he is good. When he does it, it actually IS funny! All birthday mails come from the uber creative and imaginative head of his. He is one machchan who can hog like crazy and make you laugh like crazy.

Talcum Powder – He re-introduced me to jim-jams. Need I say more?! But then, can I ever stop yapping? ;) Weirdness ends with the names of the companies he has worked for. He could be a stand-up comedian and I am hoping that some of the humor sense would rub off on me too! And a gentleman he is!

Mr. D M L – And why is that? When everyone here is losing their hair because of the course work and such, this guy managed to grow his back. Post Lex Luther days, he can now be seen appearing in shortlists and interviews while calculating the operational efficiencies of ATM queues in OM class and acing every other subject possible. And he is quite inspirational too! ;)

I’ve restricted this to my batchmates. And as I mentioned before, this is just a random post. No offence intended, if any taken. And I am sure that I haven’t mentioned everyone and neither everything possible for each person, my sincere apologies.

But hey, thanks for making the stay so enjoyable so far!

..V :)

PS: As always, no editing has been done. So kindly excuse the errors in grammar and spelling.

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