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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Day 21: Up High

When I took up this challenge, I had decided to write about the first thing that came to mind when I read the topic for the day. For a die hard optimist such as me, I was really surprised at what popped into my head when I read today's topic 'Up high' - Out of reach. I would have liked it if I had thought of the high one gets when one achieves something. Or maybe the thought of flying high among the clouds. It could have also been a dream. Then there's the geeky thoughts of space and Star Trek. But no. I thought of it being out of reach. Even more surprising was the fact that it seemed borderline positive to me. Yes, out of reach can be an aspiration that is just a little too high to touch. It could have seen me as the fox trying to reach the grapes. But suddenly, the levels changed. After the brief moment of despair, I sort of hopped, skipped, and jumped over to the higher level. Now I was out of reach. Maybe from my fears. Maybe from the negativity. Maybe from all the insecurities. Or maybe just from the chaos and noise of the densely populated lower ground. That makes me wonder if I am taking the moral high ground. In what context I've no idea. Maybe that is just presumptuous and slightly self-righteous. Immediately, I look up. Is there another high that is higher than 'up high'? Is that where God is? If so, would the moral high ground argument apply to that level as well? Is God self-righteous? I suppose it is better to consider this 'up high' as absolute. Why perverse the concept of God to placate my ego? So yes. I am here. Out of reach. Literally looking down on the rest and I cannot help but want to find the stairs. 
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