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Sunday, May 26, 2013
Shush IPL. Shush!

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when you log on to the website of a leading news channel and see "IPL" plastered all across. After IPL and news about Mallika Sherawat and Salman Khan, there is little space for anything else. The same media hyped up everything about the IPL and now it is also the one rejoicing at the crash and burn of a part of the phenomenon. Suddenly everyone is a self-righteous pundit about cricket and ethics. When did sports take over the first page of news? Sportsmen are doing a job just like any other individual out there. It is just that their livelihood depends on our patronage really. Instead of understanding that power relation, people, with the constant support from the media, have let them take over our lives. I understand the all consuming power wielded by a game or a championship. But the esteemed folks warming the editorial chairs across news channels and agencies are required to have the sense to know its significance and the fair share of its consumption. Sensationalism and commercialism have taken over,  replacing common sense and relevance along the way. I have not been a fan of IPL but I enjoy sports and completely understand the sentiments of followers of the game. However, that does not imply that we are to be bombarded with every event that occurs under the auspices of IPL. The media need to draw a line and right now it has decided that such a line is unnecessary. It is as though India is IPL and IPL is India. These cricketers are not the first one to be accused of match fixing and these won't be the last especially when the whole premise of the IPL is hinged primarily on money and a little bit of regional sentiment than any sense of sportsmanship. Give credit to the police who identified such activities and actors. Let the nation know that this discovery has been made and further investigations are in progress.  Engage reasonably in laws that could deter individuals from undertaking such actions in the future. Then move on to news that is worthy of air time and news that lets the nation know of its real and more grave problems, not the ones that plague the uber rich. You don't need to indulge in schadenfreude all day every day.  

posted by Ms.V @ 01:25  
  • At 15:17, Blogger Fripouille said…

    This is a sensible piece of writing and I agree with what you write here. It's such a shame that all this media attention is given to a minority of corrupt people.

  • At 01:46, Blogger Ms.V said…

    Thanks for dropping by Fripouille. I am terribly sorry with this inexcusable delay. Haven't been blogging at all.
    I am almost perpetually frustrated with the media. I doubt, however, they see any reason to change, at least in the near future. It is a shame indeed!

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